Winchester Bay Fishing Reports

Your Winchester Bay Fishing Experience

Step into the world of Captain Shawn Holgate with his exclusive fishing report page, where he shares the highlights of each adventure aboard Dragon Slayer Charters. Get an insider's view of the day's catch, from the excitement of reeling in trophy fish to the strategies employed to navigate Winchester Bay's waters. Captain Shawn's detailed accounts provide valuable insights into the local fishing scene, including tips and tricks for aspiring anglers. Whether you're planning your own fishing excursion or simply curious about the day-to-day life of a charter captain, Captain Shawn's fishing reports offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional fishing.

We got these questions a lot. Can you fish in Winchester Bay Oregon? Where can I fish in Winchester? Does Oregon have good fishing? Oregon, particularly Winchester Bay, offers excellent fishing opportunities with abundant marine life. Dragon Slayer Charters provides expert-led fishing excursions in Winchester Bay, ensuring a memorable and successful outing for anglers of all levels.

Experience the thrill of fishing with Dragon Slayer Charters! Join our shared trips for an exciting adventure, with options like 7 rockfish for $200 per seat, 7 hours of halibut fishing for $300 per seat, or a full 12-hour tuna fishing expedition for $350 per seat. Book your seat today and reel in the excitement with Dragon Slayer Charters!

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